Why TMO?

Learn why education before the age of 3 is important for your child and see how Toddler’s Morning Out helps prepare your child for their whole life ahead.  There’s no other program in the Upper Valley like TMO!

…because research shows that development before age 3 is vital for your child…

Group Play at TMOBruce Perry, M.D., Ph.D. says that:
“the first three years of a child’s life provides all the experiences that organize the critical parts of the brain. Of all the things we as humans do, the root capabilities are built during the first three years of life.”

Early learning helps develop the brain.
The capacity for learning is astounding in the first three years of life – by the age of three, your child has double the number of neural connections of an adult. It is early experiences that will shape and strengthen many of these connections as the brain develops.

Your child will get an academic headstart!
Numerous studies have shown that the integration of play and “academics” in early education classrooms helps children build a better foundation for educational success later in life than a strictly “academic” setting.

Early education helps you raise greater grown-ups.
“Quality early childhood education provides an economic return to society at a rate of 7 to 10 percent per year.”  — James J. Heckman, The Economics of Inequality: The Value of Early Childhood Education in American Educator magazine, 2011

…and only TMO focuses exclusively on children from 18 months to 3 years of age!

Reading at TMOTMO makes your child’s first experiences away from home positive and rewarding.
Through lots of time, attention, and love, you have already given your child all the tools they need to be successful in school and in relationships – now TMO gives them a place to put those tools to work.  TMO is the perfect place for your child to learn routines, make friends, feel valued and encouraged, and develop pride and confidence.

The thoughtful TMO curriculum turns “academics” into fun and games.
Weekly themed curriculum packs all of the “academics” into hands-on activities that allow for flexibility, creativity, and discovery.  Your child will have fun and learn by drawing and painting, playing in the water table, and reading aloud with friends and teachers.

TMO teachers have both the education and the passion.
Children at TMO can count on their teachers to be consistent and caring. When children feel understood, they develop positive, trusting relationships with their teachers and gradually, on their own, learn to express feelings and focus attention. TMO teachers also support your family as you navigate through these amazing (and challenging!) years.

TMO classrooms are designed for playing!
The classrooms at TMO are ready for the messiest of projects and provide rich environments that foster social, cognitive, emotional, and physical growth. The children at TMO are active explorers in spaces designed especially for them. Play is the work of young children, and at TMO, there’s plenty of playing to do!

You, the parent, are also an integral part of your child’s classroom community at TMO!
TMO puts the talents and time of wonderful parents to work (and play) everyday in the classroom.  All children benefit from added individual adult attention and parents really get to know all of their child’s friends.

Just listen to TMO parents!

TMO is ready for you!

Toddler’s Morning Out is ready to meet your child and your family – learn more about classes and programs open for enrollment and submit your application online.  You’re going to love the TMO community!